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Recent Awards

2011 Bayonet Farm Arts Festival, Best in Show “Idiom: Fire Escape” (Gallery: Photo Play)

2011 Monmouth County Jewish Heritage Museum, Photography Award “But Not Forgotten”

2011 GCA Eyesights, Honorable Mention "Idiom:Beltway”(Gallery: Photo Play)

2012 AAMC, Mike Horn Award "City Center in Black and White”(Gallery: By Man's Design )

2012 MCC, Projected Monochrome Image of the Year Award “City Center in Black and
White” (Gallery:By Man's Design)

2012 GCA Open Juried Show, Honorable Mention “Minaret at Sunrise”(Gallery:India)

2012 BAC Unite Show, First Place “Sol Search” in Collaboration with Joan Myers

2012 GCA, Honorable Mention “Sol Search” in Collaboration With Joan Myers

2013 GCA Eyesights, Best in Show "Shoe Lace" (Gallery: Photo Play)

Juror's Comments

“A sense of humor with a reference to skyscraper technology right out of Ayn Rand. Something surreal that is very likeable,”
-Ricardo Barros, “Idiom: Beltway" (Gallery:Photo Play)

“Exotic, tower framed by the arch and silhouetted against the sunset makes this more interesting. The light spills out onto the foreground. Sense of mystery.”
-Dr. Holly Pyne Conner, “Minaret at Sunrise” (Gallery:India)

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