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About the Photographs

All works are copyrighted by Marilyn M. Baldi.

All of the prints are archival print pigments created on a variety of papers professionally printed by a master printer.

"Bamboo" is printed on metal, but is also printed on paper.

"Idiom: Fire Escape" is printed on a metallic paper. "Sol Search" is printed on canvas, but can also be printed on paper.

Sizes of prints can vary from 8x10 to approximately 36x24; squares to approximately 24x24.

Many images can be printed in black and white or color. Some abstracts can be custom colored.

The images are offered as limited edition prints in quantities of 10 to 50.

Poetry to Accompany Photographs

"Minaret at Sunrise"
(Gallery: India)

Morning sun caresses the minaret

Keeping a promise of eternal love.



"City Center Black and White"
(Gallery: By Man's Design)

Stark, contemporary, angular buildings

With many faceted reflections

Thrusting skyward like the Phoenix

Rising from the blazing neon of Vegas.



“When Life Gives You Lemons”
(Gallery: Et Cetera)

Thirsty…returned from Kruger safari…
   settled at Tinga bar…
attracted to the shapes and colors of the
   fresh, juicy lemons
in the vivid red basket waiting to be

Reflected images on the highly
   polished bar…
refreshed by the lemonade… captured



“Asbury AM”
(Gallery: Shore Scenes)

Asbury before 2012 October

Historic sights, glistening surf, warming sun.

Now many lives and icons need a make over.

Although battered, they stand.

Rebuilding has begun.



"Inner Beauty of Black Magic"
(Gallery: Et Cetera)

In a perfect world, beauty is everywhere.

In an imperfect world, beauty can be found.

In our imperfections, find beauty.

In our beauty, find acceptance, joy.




© Copyright Marilyn M. Baldi 2013